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From 3 to 5 February Catania honors Agata. Three days of cult, devotion, folklore and traditions that are not found anywhere else in the world. St Agatha's day, the most important religious festival in the city.

The dim and flickering light of thousands of votive candles, tall and heavy, brightens the faces of those who ask for the protection of his Santuzza, as the Catania people affectionately call her. Then the most awaited day of the year, the most exciting ...

Agata greets her people. From the early hours of dawn, the streets begin to dye white, peopling with "citizens".

These are the devotees who wear the "sack", a black velvet cap and white gloves. A simple sack of white canvas, tied at the waist by a cord, to remember the night of 1126 when the relics of the young martyr from Constantinople were returned to Catania. For two long days, thousands of faithful and curious parade through the streets, honoring the saint among the rhythmic hosannas to indicate that "Saint Agatha is alive" and is in the middle of the crowd.

A repetition of gestures and celebrations, which every year becomes new and original, everything happened and everything happens again, but always in a unique and exciting way, renewing and rewriting the history of an entire community ...

A scenography, this holiday, on the slopes of the most active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, which no director would be able to invent ...




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